Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Today was an all-time PC ESPN day

Today was an all-time day for pretentious political correctness at ESPN.

First was Jemele Hill. Last winter Hill stated in a podcast that Boston is the "gold standard of racism." Yesterday Hill went on a bit of a Twitter rant about President Trump and his supporters:
Approximately half of the country voted for Trump. Through these tweets Hill is calling half of the country, including the PRESIDENT, white supremacists.

Curt Schilling was fired in April of 2016 by ESPN for retweeting a politically driven tweet that some considered offensive. In order to be consistent ESPN should fire Hill. One would think that they would at least suspend Hill, correct? No. Instead they issued a statement:
I have tweeted things that after some consideration I recognized were inappropriate. Upon realizing this I deleted the Tweets. As of 7:09PM, HOURS after ESPN released a statement, Hill has not deleted the Tweets. That does not seem like the course of action someone would take if they actually believed what they tweeted was inappropriate. 

I would say the statement by ESPN was a slap on the wrist for Hill, however that would imply that she was in some way reprimanded. She clearly wasn't, considering the tweets are still up. The statement by ESPN is completely meaningless.

While Hill was going on her Twitter rant, a new star rose at ESPN. Sergio Dipp, a Mexican American made his first appearance as a sideline reporter on Monday Night Football:

Dipp is in a position he is not ready for and he sounds like he is reading every word phonetically. ESPN put this guy in on the sideline simply because they want to pat themselves on the back say that they are diverse.

At first it seemed like Dipp was having some fun with the situation. That was until he released this bizzare apology/self-pity video:

This moron equates Twitter making fun of him to 9/11 and acts as though his life was ruined. I am glad Twitter is railing on him, and hope it continues. The ever-douchey Bob Ley (TRIGGER WARNING: his name is similar to Confederate General Robert E. Lee) weighed in, offering his condolences for the "internet trolling":

I guarantee that by the end of the year I will write three or four more of these blogs where I am amazed at how far ESPN personalities are up their own ass. All we can do is sit back and read about how ratings are declining and the company is hurting Disney's bottom line.

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