Friday, January 12, 2018

My Review of the Welcome to Boston JD Martinez Live Bradfo Show Podcast

In case you missed it, which I can guarantee you did, last evening was the "Welcome to Boston JD Martinez even though JD Martinez hasn't signed with the Red Sox Bradfo Show Podcast" live from the Baseball Tavern. According to Bradford, this is the first in a series of live podcasts. If last night was even a small sample of what this live podcast series will be then we are in for quite a series of treats.

The time was 7:42 PM. I called a buddy of mine who was coincidentally at the Baseball Tavern with some of his coworkers earlier in the night for happy hour. I let him know that I was on my way over to grab a beer. Unfortunately he had just left, but he did tell me "it was pretty lame, it was just us guys from work and some old guys sitting at a table doing a podcast about the Red Sox." Excellent.

I had assumed that the turnout would be slim, but I decided to stop by anyway. Baseball Tavern is my favorite watering hole in the city, so I didn't exactly need an excuse to drop in.

When I arrived I expected to be able to maintain a very low profile and grab a seat at the bar among the crowd or the regulars.

To my surprise the only people in the bar were myself, Bradfo, Curtis, Kerosene Ken, Alex Speir, Jen McCaffrey, a few other media members who I did not recognize, the bartender, and myself.

All in all it was a WILD night. I grabbed a seat at the other end of the bar opposite of where the podcast was being recorded. Although I am an extremely important member of the Boston Media, I am no where near the level of Ty Anderson or 'Pitcher Nick', so I opted not to mingle. I neglected to get a "JD Martini" and instead stuck with my usual order of a Bud Light. I sat at the bar and enjoyed watching Ohio State blow out Maryland and listen to the bartenders banter. They seemed to be really enjoying the night based on their comments. "What the fuck is a podcast?" "Jimmy, you should do a podcast about how to not get laid." They did not seem too excited about welcoming a baseball player to the team who has not yet signed with said team.

The best way I can describe the night is by comparing it to the scene in The Departed where Leonardo DiCaprio orders a cranberry juice and a townie asks him if he is on his period and they get in a bar-fight. Except instead of a bar-fight it was just a bunch of media guys talking about the Red Sox and Alex Speir ordering a Greek Salad. Stick tap to me for a great analogy.

The worst part of the night was that I forgot to enter the raffle for free Red Sox tickets, as I would have been competing against myself and myself only. Would have been a guaranteed winner, and I blew it. -1 to me for blowing it.

I still do not fully understand what exactly the point of the night was. I still am unclear whether or not JD Martinez has signed with the Red Sox. I remain confused. But I did have a nice cold beer to start the close out of a stressful work week, so I guess thats good. Thanks @Bradfo.

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