Sunday, February 11, 2018

An Interview with "Nick in Boston"

On Friday morning it seemed like yet another problem was arising for the New England Patriots. 

It had been a week of speculation following the team's Super Bowl loss. Why didn't Butler play in the big game? Is there a chance Belichick is retiring? Now to top it all off, Ron Borges of the Boston Herald published a column saying that "sources" told him that Brady would not practice or attend OTAs until he gets a contract similar to Jimmy Garoppolo's 5-year $137 million dollar deal. 

However, this turned out to be a total sham. Borges got duped by "Nick in Boston," a fan and caller of Kirk and Callahan. Nick pretended to be Brady's agent Don Yee and was able to get Borges to run a column that was completely built on lies.

I found Nick on Twitter and was able to discuss the situation with him. Well, I should say I caught up with a guy who I believe to be the real "Nick in Boston." I had him send me screenshots of his messages with Borges with text written in the message box to show that they weren't fake, screenshots of his DMs with Kirk and Callahan when he let them know that the story was a sham, and other forms of verification.

I stress the fact that I verified that the Nick who I was messaging was the real "Nick in Boston" because this is exactly what Borges should have done. Borges got a text message from a phone number beginning in 508, the central Massachusetts area code. Don Yee lives in Los Angeles where the area code is 213. Instead of doing any form of verification Borges was lazy. He ran the story having made no honest attempt to make sure that the guy he was texting was the real Don Yee. Not only that, he also claimed to have "sources" for the story, implying that he spoke to multiple people about the situation.

"Patriots' Twitter," is a group of tweeters who will go to great lengths to defend their team againt anyone who writes something that they deem to be anti-Patriots. In January of 2017 Borges tweeted out his phone number for all of Twitter to see. Once a tweet is out on the internet it never goes away. This lead to the creation of the account "@DontCallRon" by a member of Patriot's Twitter. @DontCallRon 's bio reads "please dont call Ron Borges" with the cover photo of Borges' tweet containing his phone number. I figured Nick in Boston is a member of Patriots Twitter and just wanted to take down Borges:

"Yea so I saw his number posted on Twitter by someone that was defending Kirk," Nick said. "I thought it would be funny to text him as someone he would possibly respond to like an agent, I picked Don Yee."

"I have always felt he had something against the Patriots so it was fun to mess with him, he also took that shot at Kirk so I said why not mess with him."

A few weeks ago on Borges took a shot at Minihane on Mustard and Johnson. Borges seemed jealous of Minihane, who has been breaking a number of stories surrounding the Patriots.

Nick's plan worked. "Don Yee" messaged Borges "Hello Ron, this is Don Yee." Borges responded: "The bat boy if he Solons...Of the solons that is."

I had no idea what the hell this meant. It seemed like an inside joke. I asked Nick what he thought this meant when he got the message. He didn't seem to know either.

"Haha that’s funny after he wrote that I had to google the term and I think it had something to do with that weekly world news, some old paper that use to publish crazy stories that were fake"

His response of "Bat boy is real sir" worked and he had Borges hooked.

Beginning on January 20th, Nick as Don Yee and Borges went back and forth, building Borges' trust. When Nick told Borges that Brady wouldn't practice without a new contract last Thursday, Borges took the bait.

"He called me a few times before that, I just never answered," Nick said, "We only had one conversation on the phone , that was (the night Borges wrote the column)"

When Nick called in to Kirk and Callahan on Friday morning, he said that it was so difficult not to laugh that he was only able to stay on the line for about 10 seconds.

I asked him if he has any more tricks up his sleeve, and if any of the other beat writers should be on red alert.

"Haha no I’m not doing that again," Nick remarked.

I would believe him, but I have a feeling that if an opportunity to dupe another enemy of Kirk and Callahan came about, Nick might return to his troll ways.

Nick, who is a big Patriots fan, wanted to make sure that Brady was not impacted by this situation in any way. "I love Tom Brady and if this took even 2 seconds out of his day to deal with I would definitely apologize," he said.

Just speculation, but I think that Mr. Positivity Tom Brady would be able to get a laugh out of this situation

You can listen to Nick's conversation with Kirk and Callahan below, or on WEEI.Com.

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