Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Blast from the Past: Dennis and Callahan audio from the day after the 2012 election

November 6, 2012. The day after the 2012 election. The day after Barack Obama was elected to his 2nd term as president.

Over at WEEI Jeff Brown was the market manager. Kirk and Callahan listeners have heard the stories about these days. NO POLITICS! STICK TO SPORTS! If the hosts began to discuss politics the producers were instructed to dump the audio.

Dennis and Callahan followed the boss's orders. They opened the post election day show by discussing "gut-punch 101," the biggest gut punches in Boston Sports history, Paul Gallant's name, the definition of the word "gallant," and even teased a weekly interview with Greg Bedard.

Listen Here:

Link to the video above or the audio on WEEI for mobile: (follow the link and click "download")

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